MindTap for Milady Standard Cosmetology PLUS New!

MindTap for Milady Standard Cosmetology PLUS

MindTap for Standard Cosmetology PLUS has been developed for higher hour programs and those students who want to learn more advanced skills. This new MindTap provides more resources to schools and students that are actively embracing our digital solutions. Enhanced education is provided around the topics of razor cutting and advanced haircutting. Contextual relevancy is enhanced through new engaging assets and simulated activities (Haircutting Simulation). MindTap for Standard Cosmetology PLUS aims to take the student beyond the licensure exam and puts emphasis on being salon ready.

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MindTap is Available for...

Milady Standard Cosmetology
Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals
Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced
Milady Standard Barbering
Milady Standard Nail Technology
Master Educator, 3rd Edition
Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage, 6th Edition

What is MindTap?

MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with assignments that guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing you to measure skills and outcomes with ease. Built upon authoritative Milady content, MindTap guides students through a single learning path where they interact with learning tools —readings, multimedia, activities and assessments—in a READ, WATCH and DO format. Instructors can personalize the experience by customizing Milady content or by adding their own content directly into the Learning Path, delivering a seamless student experience that aligns exactly with the curriculum being taught in the classroom.

MindTap Interactive eBook

Students receive access to an Interactive eBook, delivered in sections via the Learning Pathway, as well as provided in a comprehensive format with the simple click of a button. The ReadSpeak feature allows students to have the eBook read aloud to them either in sections chosen by the student or the book in its entirety.

MindTap Interactive eBook MindTap ReadSpeak MindTap Dictionary

Additional eBook features:

MindTap Interactive eBook
MindTap Learning Path

The Learning Path guides students through the curriculum and is where they will spend the bulk of their time, viewing and interacting with the content in a variety of ways. It truly is an experience that lends itself to all different types of learning styles. Instructors can utilize the existing components of the Learning Path “as is” or they easily customize what their student has access to providing a One-of-a-Kind experience for their school(s).

MindTap Flashcards MindTap Glossary

Features of the Learning Path:

MindTap Learning Path
MindTap Social Media/Message Board

MindTap provides a Social Media experience for students via an integrated Message Board. The ConnectYard feature allows for instructors to interact with students, and students to interact with each other, by posting discussion threads throughout the course and communicating with one another on various topics. The environment provides the best of both worlds, as it appeals to today’s student and their needs, while offering a controlled environment of sharing within the school/class only, eliminating the unnecessary existence of anyone outside of the school viewing comments on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

MindTap Digital Portfolio

Students are able to create a Digital Portfolio of their work and will be guided to upload images throughout the program. As an added bonus, students will continue to have access to their portfolio upon graduating from school, allowing them to upload more images and leverage it for maximum exposure.

MindTap Customization

Instructors are able to Customize content to deliver a Learning Path to their students that mirrors the exact curriculum they are teaching in the classroom. It allows for greater flexibility on the instructor’s end, while being able to enhance the overall student experience with state-specific resources, in-house videos, personalized lesson plans, school/corporate specific technical training and systems, and so much more!

MindTap Customization

Customization features:

MindTap Reporting/Tracking

Instructors have access to a variety of Reporting Features that allow for them to track student engagement and progress, ensuring they have firsthand knowledge of What/How/If students are using the material provided.

MindTap Reporting/Tracking

Reporting features:

MindTap Content, Tools and Resources

MindTap offers a wealth of Content, Tools and Resources that are sure to make for an active and engaging learning environment for students, and an easy-to-use, immediately-relevant teaching environment for instructors.

Additional MindTap Tools/Resources:

Evernote technology aggregates student annotations and notes into a single consolidated view.
Google Docs
Instructors and students share updated text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs via Google Docs.
WebVideo easily incorporates YouTube videos as a separate viewing activity within the Learning Path or directly within a reading assignment.
RSS feeds
Integrate RSS feeds for students within the Learning Path, or separately, with the option to add accompanying remarks. This is a great resource for pulling high-quality, industry-related content from 3rd party websites.
Text-to-speech technology offers varied reading styles and the option to synchronize highlighted text to reinforce understanding.
Utilize option to post Calendar, sharing key assignments, important dates, and other communications with students.
MindTap Learning Path

Once registered with their MindTap course, students can download the FREE MindTap Mobile App that will allow them to utilize select study materials from MindTap on their phones or tablets. Just simply direct your students to the iTunes or GooglePlay store and have them download the app today!

App Store Google Play

The Mobile App includes:

MindTap Mobile App

Device Compatibility:

Device Compatibility

Operating Systems


MindTap is browser-based and runs on a variety of browsers. When newer versions of a browser release, MindTap no longer supports the oldest version.

Plug-Ins and Browser Settings

Hardware Requirements

Bandwidth Requirements

Deciphering speed for your network


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Milady Standard Cosmetology, 13th Ed.
Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 11th Ed.
Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals and Advanced
Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Ed.
Milady Standard Nail Technology, 7th Edition
Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage, 6th Edition
Master Educator, 3rd Edition

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