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Deck the halls this December!

Happy Thanksgiving (Even in the Middle of a Pandemic!) 

How to Customize your MindTap!

Give thanks for the entire month of November!

Student Salon Down Time Monopoly

Welcome to November!

Using Zoom in your Online Classroom

Advice for New Educators

October National Days to Celebrate!

10 Ways to Make Your New Student Orientation More Engaging

How To Capture Beautiful Photos with Your Smartphone

September 2020 National Days

What Should Be Included in a New Student Orientation?

The Four Purposes of Student Orientation

August 2020 National Days

Milady Announces the 2020 N.F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year

MindTap Fundamentals Training Course

July 2020 National Days – How to Celebrate July 4th & More

We’ll See You at Virtual CEA!

Activity Idea: Teaching Polypeptide Chains

Graduation Inspiration: A Message From Sandra Bruce

June National Days

Nominate the 2020 N.F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year

National Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Welcome to the New Normal

Tracking Online Hours

Milady Instructors Making the Most of Distance Learning

Make Your Online Presentation Sizzle

FAQ’s | MindTap for Distance Learning

5 Ideas to Fill Your Downtime

Control + ALT + Delete: Implementing Technology in the Classroom

8 Strategies for Dealing with a Shy or Quiet Student

Be Kind to One Another

Beauty Bash Bonanza

Ready to Update Your Classroom Playlist?

February 2020 National Days

5 Questions to Ask Your Students at the End of the Day

Fun Classroom Activity: Host Your Own Academy Awards

Milady Master Educators Needed

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Top 10 Milady Academic Blog Posts of 2019

January 2020 National Days

Host a Paint-and-Sip Party in Your Classroom

December National Days

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Help Your Students Find Their Passion

National Monopoly Day

November National Days

Head Into 2020 With 2020 Vision

Understanding the Adult Learner – Part 5

Understanding the Adult Learner – Part 4

October National Days to Celebrate!

Understanding Adult Learners – Part 3

Understanding Adult Learners Part 2

Understanding Adult Learners Part 1

Fundraising Idea For Your Student Council

August National Days to Celebrate in the Classroom

Have You Tried Whole Brain Teaching?

The Snowball Fight

Milady Announces the 2019 N.F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year

5 National Days to Celebrate in Your School

Educator Relationships Part 4

Educator Relationships Part 3

Educator Relationships Part 2

Educator Relationships Part 1

Do You Have These Traits?

8 Instructor Tools to Help You in the Classroom

Feel Good Friday!

Celebrate Your Students

Thank You, Educators!

What’s a Textbook?

Make it Relevant

Letha Barnes Talks 25 Years of CEA History

Is the Creativity of Your Classroom Bringing You Down?

Do You Know an Amazing Instructor?

6 Steps on Incorporating Videos into Your Classrooms

Are you Ready for Squirt Gun Haircolor?

Where Do I Find Continuing Education?

Create Competition Madness in Your Classroom

This is the #1 Trait for all Educators

Be Prepared… Be prepared for everything!

Madam C. J. Walker

Schedule Your Fun Days with a Monthly Calendar

Bird Box Challenge in Your Classroom?

Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

Start Planning now for CEA

Bring Digital Solutions into your Curriculum with these 7 Milady Resources

6 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Instagram into your Schools

8 Holiday Games for the Student Salon

Holiday Student Salon Competition

How Flexible are you?

4 Tips to Become an Active Listener

What are you Grateful for?

Create Consistency in Your Lessons with Instructor Support Slides

3 Ways to Avoid Digital Reluctance

Take These Steps for Classroom Preparation

6 Group Activities for a “Cold” Classroom

Register for MindTap Live Webinars!

Are you Using Technology in the Classroom? You Should!

7 Ways to Make Classroom Icebreakers Fun

How to Teach the Silent Type

Unplug While on Vacation

How to Handle the Talkative One

4 Ways to Creativity, Communication and Competition in the Student Salon

9 Great Ways to Make A & P Fun!

What’s in a Name?

Keep Students Engaged with Flipgrid

Getting to Know Our Educators

4 Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

Energize Your Student Salon Downtime

Why Change is Necessary

Milady Announces the 2018 N.F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year

Going Paperless in the Classroom Part 3

Happy Independence Day!

Going Paperless with Google Drive

Bring Anatomy and Physiology to Life in the Classroom

Going paperless, in a paperless world!

The Memory Game Your Students Will Love!

How Do I Ask for Help??…Help!

Art Inspired Classroom Competition

Help Students Own their Career Choice

Classroom Arrangement

What’s New with MindTap

What you should expect from your students, and yourself!

Hate Taking Notes in Class?

Wake up its Class-time!

100 Years of Style

Morning Rituals to Set You Up for Success

Answer with a GIF Only

MindTap Training…Made Easy!

Are you doing what you love?

5 Tips for Communicating More Effectively with Coworkers

Celebrate Earth Day and Make a Difference

How Music Can Get Your Classroom Jumpin!

Technology Friend or Foe?

What Does it Mean to Be a Leader?

MindTap Mobile App isn’t just for students, it’s for instructors too!

Knock Down this Classroom Barrier

Tell Us What You Think!

Teaching the “Hands on” Learner

Fuel Student Success with MiladyPro

6 Success Habits to Create a Life You Love

MindTap Webinar Series – An Introduction to MindTap

Motivate Your Super Students Like This

A ‘Search’ a Day Challenge

Why Do You Teach?

Supplement Your Lessons in the Student Salon

What’s New with MindTap

Super Bowl Activities for Your School

Laugh the Day Away with Laughter Yoga

Characteristics of the Master Educator: Be Open to New Ideas

Wake Up Your Students with ‘Buzzword Bingo’

Does your classroom have this type of learner?

What’s New with MindTap

What’s the Learning Path of Your Students?

Anatomy On-The-Go!

Shake It Up and Try Something New!

The Value of Writing a “Thank you”

Net your Social Butterflies for Good

Can you assess your students understanding? Yes or no?

Holiday Student Salon Competition

Your Students Can Ace the Interview before the Interview!

Not Licensed to Fail!

Time-Saving Tech Tips

Why Haircutting is all Fun and Games

What Your Handshake Says About You

Send Your Students on a Wild Goose Chase

Play B.E.E.R. PONG in the Classroom

Give Thanks in the Classroom

Tips to looking “Facebook Ready”

Save Your Students from Losing Their Minds

5 Ways Facebook Live Works for Schools

Put a new “Spin” on Classroom Activities

Building Grit-Tip #2

PLAY BALL! Bring the World Series into your school as a Baseball Review.

Giving Back to Your Community

Building GRIT


Are you Gritty?

Teach Your Students How to Be Successful

The Great Kindness Challenge

Why do you matter?

Go Paperless

Make Your Team Meetings a Mixture of Business and Fun

Simulations in The Classroom

Bring Childhood Games into Your Classroom Review

Have your Students Start Their Day Off Right with a Post-it!

Are you looking for a way to re-energize your teaching skills?

Hundreds of Energizers at Your Fingertips

Expect the Best of Your Students

Why Do Some Students Succeed and Others Fail?

Turn Your Start Days into a Welcome Party!

Brainspark those Creative Juices

Milady and AACS Announce the 2017 N.F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year

Right vs. Left

MindTap Scavenger Hunt 

Using Word Clouds in the Classroom

The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

5 Reasons to Play Games in the Classroom

Ready, Set, Text!

2017 National SkillsUSA

Should students listen to music on their phones while in school?

5 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Classroom


Make Your Content Snackable

Cell Phones as a Classroom Tool

6 Ways to Deal with Students who are Late to Class

Apply Zone Teaching to Your Student Salons – Part 2

Internet Connection Speed Test

Apply Zone Teaching to Your Student Salons – Part 1

Classes, Events, and Networking You Don’t Want to Miss!

Avoid Classroom Internet Congestion

Focus on the 80%

Because I Make a Difference

Bring Storytelling into Your Classroom with Studio Luma

Catch the Gratitude Bug

Caution! Rumble Strip Ahead

Powerful Resources for Students and Pros

How Do You Choose Which Team Goes First?

What’s NEW with MindTap

Put Some POW Into Your Classroom

Educator of the Year Applications Due May 1st!

Which Muscle Am I?

Embracing Mistakes

Catch the Student Doing Things Right

1-2-3 Chat

Are you ready for the Post-Millennial Generation in your classroom?

Create the “BUZZ”

Whack a Word

I Think There for I am! Using Positive Affirmations in the Classroom

An App for Icebreakers

Houston, We Have a Problem

Mobile Show and Tell

It All Begins with the Hook

Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout in Your Classroom

Bring Lessons to Life with Animoto

Bring the Game ‘Minute to Win It’ Into Your Classroom

Are you the next Educator of the Year?

Headsheets Gone Mobile

Is Your School Taking Advantage of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation?

2017 CEA Date Announced

Teacher Gives New Meaning to ‘Adding a Personal Touch’

Shaking Things Up!

Getting the Most from Your Guest Speakers

Another Tool for Your Tool Box

Attitudes Are Contagious, Is Yours Worth Catching?

Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt

Goal Setting Isn’t Just For Professionals

You Only Have One Chance

Forget About Resolutions, Set SMART Goals Instead

Don’t be a Change Resistor

Serve Up Snack Size Lessons

This Is My Grown Up Christmas List

Think Dirty

Rehearsing for the Real World

Grab Bag Updo Design Contest

Every Move You Make

The Lost Art

Be Thankful for Customers and Be Thankful for Students

Sensory Learning Styles

Is this a Coffee Shop or a Cosmetology School?

Go Soft 

Gainful Employment – What is it exactly?

Doodling in the Digital Age

Through These Halls Walks the Future of Our Industry

Music to My Ears

Prizes! Prizes! I LOVE Prizes!

Professional Product Apps

Energize Your Team and Boost Company Spirits

Warm Your Students Up to Learning

Do You Follow The Girl Scouts’ Motto?

The Power of Talking to Yourself

How to Create a Powerful Presentation

Happy World Teacher Day

Animate Your Classroom

Tennessee School of Beauty Celebrates Community Pride

Student Salon BINGO

Are You Willing to Autograph Your Work?

Getting Students Involved in the Student-Centered Classroom

Hair Camp – State College of Beauty Culture

Beyond Just Note-Taking

Turn Classroom Review into a Life-Size Board Game

Not a Retail Guru?  That’s Ok!

Keep Students Busy in the Student Salon with a Daily Agenda

Self-Expression in The Classroom


The Art of Effective Highlighting


Farewell to the Wiggle Worms

Move Over Traditional Flashcards

The Facebook Live Stream Feature

Show Up and Make the Most Out of Life… NOW

Take the “Wah Wah” Out of Product Knowledge

THINK Before You Post

School Isn’t All Fun and Games… Or Is It?

A Not So New Problem

Hit the Reset Button

Taking Students to Places They Never Dreamed of Going

The Great Facebook Dilemma

Pinterest – A Valuable Resource or An Excuse To Use a Cell Phone?

Take Social Media from Distraction to Action

The Walking Dead or The Love Boat? How to end your class…

Changing Up Your Competitions

Students Are Hungry for Snackable Content!

Facilitating Brainstorming in the Classroom

Digital Portfolios – Digital vs. Print

Start Your Students’ Day Off Right: The Morning Huddle

How Do You Make Your Students Graduation Special?

After All, They’re Called “Smart” Phones

The Balancing Act: Technology-Infused Classrooms

Educator Spotlight: Ida McLean

Refresh, Refocus and Energize your Students

Incorporating Activities Into Your Classroom