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Give students the devices they need to rock a digital learning environment.

You can't have an effective digital learning program if your students don't have access to reliable devices, right? Enter Milady's Chromebook program!

Why Chromebooks for digital learning?

Sleek, speedy, and stable, Chromebooks are also lightweight, making them a breeze to transport between home and school. They are easy to use and inherently secure, thanks to ChromeOS. Plus, they have a long battery life. No wonder Chromebooks are one of the most popular devices in online education programs everywhere.

Even better? Milady's Chromebook program provides you with the option for one-stop shopping.

Order MindTap (one of our digital learning solutions) and your student Chromebooks at the same! We have a models to fit every budget. And each Chromebook comes with a charger and one-year warranty. All are compatible with MindTap and other Milady digital resources.