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We're on a mission to drive career success by inspiring pursuit of knowledge through innovative solutions.

The Milady Standard

Milady hasn’t just set the standard for beauty education. Since 1927, we continually raise it with every product and feature release to meet the needs of today’s learners, educators, and employers. We hold ourselves to the highest standard.

We call it the Milady Standard.

Ten Million Strong (and Counting!)

Long ago, Milady founder Nick Cimaglia recognized the need for consistency within the beauty industry. After much research into what learners needed, the first Milady Standard textbook was published. This textbook was dedicated to creating standards in an effort to elevate our industry.

Nick succeeded—and Milady remains the leading, most trusted source of beauty and wellness education. More importantly, by continuing to focus on what learners need to succeed, Nick’s vision continues three generations later and Milady Standard curriculum has helped more than 10 million learners in the U.S. alone attain their professional license.


When I think of standards, I think of classics that stand the test of time, values that are uncompromised, guidelines to judge for quality. All these things hold true for the Milady Standard. We are our own competitor, always striving to be better, always seeking customer feedback and input, always involving the industry to have a voice in what is repeatedly referred to as the ‘Industry Bible’.”

Sandra Bruce

Our 5 Core Principles

  • Core Principle 4


We've taken action.

Even in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we stand by our core principles. Milady has provided enhanced learning opportunities for both students and licensed professionals allowing everyone in our industry to #AlwaysPursueKnowledge.

  • Provided over 100,000 students with access to digital learning to help them continue on their path to a successful beauty career.
  • Now offering a program to help students make a real difference—at no cost. Raise awareness of domestic abuse and human trafficking, provide a resume-builder for your students, and differentiate your school—all by participating in our RISE Partner Program. The program is FREE and you don’t have to be a Milady school. Apply today!

Beauty & Wellness Education is All We Do (and We’re Really Good at It)

We support your academic programs with six core Milady Standard product suites:


Esthetics (including Advanced)


Nail Technology

Therapeutic Massage

Master Educator Teacher Training


We don't stop there...

We go beyond “license ready” to “market ready” staying true to our mission of driving career success. We provide self-growth and continuing education content on MiladyPro.com, free and paid. After all, only those who always pursue knowledge and learning are guaranteed to succeed!

“When I got my second license with a Milady school, all of the sudden, I was shown all of these resources for life after graduation and I was like, ‘Wow – they want to help me keep growing.’”

Milady “Changemakers”

4OOO+ Programs in the U.S. Can’t Be Wrong

Whether it’s full curriculum or additional support to help learners pass state licensing exams, more schools choose and trust Milady.

“As the owner of two cosmetology schools and a barber academy, the Milady textbooks and curricula are a priceless resource for our students and faculty staff. I love to say ‘education is the foundation of a lasting, prosperous and rewarding career.’ The Milady textbooks help us to share this message with our students, showing them the depth and breadth of skills they can learn, practice and master as professional hairdressers and barbers.”

Nick Arrojo

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